Our software modules implement a wide range of features that can be combined to build the perfect Freight TMS for your business. Here are just some of the features.

Cold Chain Management

Monitor temperature, time and location of shipments using IoT sensors. Generate reports, raise alerts when temperatures are reaching out of range, etc.


Send dispatch messages by mobile app, SMS text messages, text-to-voice, or integrated with your legacy Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) devices.

Load Planning

Plan and optimize full and LTL loads.

Document Generator

Document template editor and document generator. Includes ability to send generated documents by email or fax from within the system.

Weather Forecast Monitoring

Automatically checks weather forecasts along planned truck and air cargo routes.

Cargo Air Traffic Monitoring

Monitors air traffic delays at airports to predict risk of missing air cargo flight connections.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Easy-to-use CRM module for managing customers, contacts, addresses, billing, etc.


Auto-generate or manually-create and send invoices. Includes optional configurable sign-off rules. Supports multiple currencies, sales tax rules, and customer-specific billing rates. Interfaces to accounting packages such as QuickBooks.

Customer Email Management

Automatically examines incoming emails and organizes them by customer and shipment.

Management Reporting

Reporting on profitability, costs and performance. Ability to create custom reports.

System Integration

Ability to integrate with a comprehensive, permission-based REST API. Includes ability to allow high-value customers to integrate directly with your Freight TMS for self-service purposes.


Integrate with PARS/PAPS US/Canada border-crossing documentation systems.

Efficient Routing

Our sophisticated route planning module generates air/ground routes based on your lanes, airports, agents, weather forecasts, and expected traffic volumes. Use our route plan shorthand or, if your organization has an existing syntax for defining routes, incorporate your own.

And More

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